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Running an online business often means managing multiple platforms. For many entrepreneurs, Etsy and Shopify are two major platforms for selling products. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to connect Etsy to Shopify to streamline your operations and maximize your sales potential.

Why Connect Etsy to Shopify?

Connecting your Etsy shop to your Shopify store has numerous benefits. It allows you to:

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  • Manage products and inventory from one location
  • Automate order processing and fulfillment
  • Expand your customer reach and brand visibility
  • Keep track of sales and customer data in one place
  • Sync your product listings between platforms

Methods to Connect Etsy to Shopify

There are two primary methods to connect Etsy to Shopify:

  1. Using third-party applications
  2. Manually exporting and importing products

Method 1: Using Third-Party Applications

Several third-party applications can help you connect Etsy to Shopify. Some popular options include:


Etsify is a dedicated application that connects your Etsy shop to your Shopify store. It automates product listing and inventory syncing, making it easy to manage both platforms.

Shopify Importer by Excelify

Shopify Importer by Excelify is a versatile app that allows you to import your Etsy product listings to Shopify. It also supports importing from other platforms like eBay, Amazon, and WooCommerce.


ChannelUnity is a multi-channel management solution that connects Etsy, Shopify, and other platforms. It simplifies inventory management, order processing, and fulfillment across multiple sales channels.

Method 2: Manually Exporting and Importing Products

If you prefer not to use third-party applications, you can manually export your Etsy product listings and import them into your Shopify store. Here’s how:

  1. Export your Etsy listings as a CSV file
  2. Format the CSV file to match Shopify’s import requirements
  3. Import the formatted CSV file into Shopify

Keep in mind that this method may require more time and effort, especially if you have a large number of product listings.

Steps to Connect Etsy to Shopify Using Etsify

For this guide, we’ll focus on using Etsify to connect Etsy to Shopify. Follow these steps:

  1. Install Etsify from the Shopify App Store
  2. Authorize Etsify to access your Shopify store
  3. Link your Etsy shop to Etsify
  4. Select the product listings you want to sync
  5. Configure your import settings
  6. Start the import process
  7. Monitor the progress and resolve any issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a cost associated with connecting Etsy to Shopify?

While Shopify and Etsy both have their own fees, connecting the two platforms may also incur additional costs. Third-party applications, such as Etsify, Shopify Importer by Excelify, and ChannelUnity, usually offer different pricing plans depending on the features and level of integration you require. Manually exporting and importing products does not have any direct costs, but it may be more time-consuming.

Will connecting Etsy to Shopify affect my Etsy shop rankings?

Connecting Etsy to Shopify should not have a direct impact on your Etsy shop rankings. Etsy’s search algorithm is primarily based on factors such as listing quality, customer experience, and shipping. Syncing your products with Shopify only streamlines your operations and does not affect these ranking factors.

Can I automate order fulfillment when connecting Etsy to Shopify?

Yes, when you use third-party applications to connect Etsy to Shopify, you can automate order fulfillment. Apps like Etsify and ChannelUnity handle order processing and inventory management across both platforms, allowing you to fulfill orders from a single location and reducing the chances of overselling or stock discrepancies.

What happens to my existing Etsy listings after connecting to Shopify?

After connecting Etsy to Shopify using a third-party application or manual import, your existing Etsy listings remain active on Etsy. The connection simply syncs product information and inventory between the two platforms, allowing you to manage both storefronts more efficiently. You can choose to keep your Etsy listings active or remove them if you prefer to sell exclusively on Shopify.

Can I connect multiple Etsy shops to a single Shopify store?

Yes, it is possible to connect multiple Etsy shops to a single Shopify store. Third-party applications like ChannelUnity allow you to manage multiple sales channels, including multiple Etsy shops, within one platform. However, it’s essential to carefully manage your inventory and product listings to avoid confusion and maintain accurate information across all channels.


Connecting Etsy to Shopify can greatly improve your online business operations by streamlining product management, order processing, and inventory control. Whether you choose to use a third-party application or manually import your products, integrating your Etsy shop with your Shopify store can save you time and effort while expanding your customer reach. With the right tools and strategy, you can optimize your online business for success across multiple platforms.

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Home » Shopify Blog » Seamlessly Connect Etsy to Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide
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