Why Has Amazon Prime Video Got Adverts?

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Why am I suddenly getting commercials on Amazon Prime?

It’s not just you: Commercials are coming to Amazon Prime. The company confirmed the change to Business Insider, saying that it’s a way to “enhance the customer experience.”

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The commercials will be skippable, and Amazon says they won’t include ads for its own products. It’s not clear how many commercials will be included in the Prime experience, or when they’ll start airing.

This change is the latest in a series of moves by Amazon to make its Prime subscription more appealing. The company recently increased the monthly price from $99 to $119, and it’s been adding more and more original programming to its Prime Video service.

The addition of commercials may not sit well with some Prime members, but Amazon is betting that the increase in price and the addition of new content will be enough to keep them subscribed.

How do I get rid of ads on Amazon Prime video?

Ads on Amazon Prime video can be really annoying and intrusive. Here are a few ways to get rid of them:

1. Change your Amazon Prime video settings. Under “Settings & Preferences” on the Amazon Prime video website, you can change the way your videos play. Uncheck the box that says “Include ads with your rental or purchase” to stop the ads from playing.

2. Use an ad blocker. There are a number of different ad blockers available, both as browser extensions and standalone programs. Ad blockers work by blocking ads from appearing on websites, including Amazon Prime video.

3. Use a different Amazon Prime video player. If you’re using the Amazon Prime video website to watch videos, you can use a different player. There are a number of different players available, including the Amazon Prime video app for Android and iOS devices. Using a different player may stop the ads from appearing.

Home » Amazon Prime Video » Why Has Amazon Prime Video Got Adverts?
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