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As an online business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, you may have heard about Shopify and its potential to help you establish a successful online store. One common concern is understanding how long does Shopify take to pay its merchants. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of Shopify’s payout schedules, factors affecting the payout timeline, and frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision about using this platform.

Shopify’s Payout Schedule: The Basics

Shopify processes payments through its own payment gateway, Shopify Payments, which is powered by Stripe. Once a customer makes a purchase from your store, Shopify initiates a payout to your bank account. The timeframe for this payout depends on several factors, including your location, account setup, and bank processing times.

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Standard Payout Schedules by Country

The standard payout schedule varies by country. Here’s a brief overview of the default payout timeframes for different regions:

  • United States: 2 business days
  • United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand: 3 business days
  • Canada: 4 business days
  • European Union countries (excluding the UK): 3-5 business days
  • Other supported countries: 5-7 business days

Keep in mind that these timeframes are for business days, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Factors Affecting Payout Timeframes

While the standard payout schedule provides a general idea of when to expect funds, some factors can affect the actual timeline:

  1. Bank processing times: Depending on your bank’s processing speed, it may take an additional 1-3 business days for the funds to appear in your account.
  2. New accounts: For merchants using Shopify Payments for the first time, the initial payout might be delayed by up to 5 business days to ensure account security.
  3. Account holds and payment disputes: If Shopify detects any unusual activity or payment disputes, payouts might be delayed while the issue is investigated.

Customizing Your Payout Schedule

If the standard payout schedule doesn’t suit your business needs, you can adjust the frequency of your payouts. Shopify allows you to receive payouts daily, weekly, or monthly. To make these changes, navigate to the Settings section of your Shopify Payments account and choose the desired payout frequency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I receive payouts on weekends and bank holidays?

Shopify processes payouts on business days only, so weekends and bank holidays are excluded. If your payout is scheduled for a non-business day, it will be processed on the next business day.

2. How can I track my payouts?

You can track your payouts in the Shopify Payments section of your Shopify dashboard. This will show you a list of all pending and completed payouts, along with details such as the payout amount and date.

3. What if my payout is delayed?

If your payout is delayed beyond the standard timeframe, it’s essential to check for any notifications or alerts in your Shopify dashboard. These might provide information on possible account holds, disputes, or other issues that could be affecting your payout. If you cannot find any notifications or the delay persists, you can contact Shopify support for assistance.

4. Are there any fees associated with Shopify payouts?

Shopify charges transaction fees for processing payments through Shopify Payments. These fees vary depending on your Shopify plan and the country where your business is located. However, there are no additional fees for receiving payouts. You can find more information on transaction fees in Shopify’s Pricing documentation.

5. Can I use an alternative payment gateway?

Yes, Shopify supports several alternative payment gateways, such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and more. Keep in mind that using an alternative gateway may result in different payout schedules and fees compared to Shopify Payments. You’ll need to check the specific terms and conditions for each gateway to understand their payout processes.


In summary, the answer to how long does Shopify take to pay its merchants depends on factors such as the country, account setup, and bank processing times. Generally, the standard payout schedule ranges from 2 to 7 business days. It’s crucial to understand these timeframes and adjust your payout frequency as needed to ensure smooth cash flow for your business.

By staying informed about the factors affecting your Shopify payouts and monitoring your account for any potential issues, you can focus on growing your online store and maximizing your profits. We hope this comprehensive guide has addressed your concerns and provided the information needed to make informed decisions about using Shopify for your online business.

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Home » Shopify Blog » Understanding Shopify Payout Timeframes: A Comprehensive Guide
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